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VELUX – Who We Are

VELUX’s values are extremely well described. The challenge lies in getting them to be understood in relation to the employee’s life and working day. The result won at the end of the 2016 Platinum Awards in the category “Corporate Image”.
The task for VELUX was therefore to show how the values live in the organisation. But instead of simply producing another film that repeated the company’s five guiding principles on screen, it was decided, in close cooperation with VELUX’s communications department, to take a different approach. The idea was to produce a series of global portraits of real employees’ actual lives that showed the values in action in everyday life.
Each value word was therefore first translated into descriptions of actions. They then searched internally for employees who lived and worked in this way. Among the more than 10,000 employees, a gross list was selected and pre-interviewed. Then 29 employees at 16 VELUX companies were interviewed for the films themselves, which in an exciting way combine footage of work and leisure time with free conversations about life and individual satisfaction. The production team made recordings in Germany, the USA, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, England, France, China and Denmark, among other places.
A large part of the strength of the films ended up being that there was no script for the participants. In the interview, everyone could talk freely about their lives and jobs. It makes the stories real, and precisely this captures people in a different way.
The award-winning films can be viewed on the VELUX website.
The material was also used as part of an Employer branding campaign where the employees each take part in their own film.

Vestas – corporate and employer branding

From EXPO 2000 in Hannover and 2005 in AICHI, Japan to a new global website, development of CVI for campaigns and Employer branding, we have been part of Vestas impressive development.
Being the largest or the most innovative can mean 30,000 things to 30,000 employees.
But if you travel all the way back to the beginning and around the whole “Vesta’s world”,
then you find the core of Vestas.
The core gives us the feeling of what it means to be associated with Vestas. Whether working in the finance department in Beijing or setting up a wind turbine in Colorado.
And by including both original and new values in internal and external “value propositions”, communication gets a clear direction.

The demand for skilled employees is constant. In China, Vestas was a safe place to work, in the US a way to feed one’s family and in Europe a place to start a long career.
Each location had to be optimized in relation to the local circumstances, but rooted in Vesta’s core values.

Look and feel
Creating a CVI in a way that both differs from the competition, but also finds its own form, made it possible to challenge the traditional industrial look and feel at Vestas.
In connection with President Obama’s “Green Energy Push”, the work with the CVI was used in films and advertisements on the American market.

Corporate branding, Employer branding, Product launches.

Coloplast is another good example of a company that works meaningfully to make a difference for their customers all over the world.

A platform from which to communicate, was created by the agency and for more than a decade we created core concepts and produced films with endusers, employees (from marketing and engineers to product designers and salespeople) and healthcare professionals.

We developed a toolboxes for marketing in all departments of Coloplast. Primarely films but also stills and articles. Targeted directly at the future users, health and medical professionals and Coloplast’s salespeople and HR. Most films were made as pre-launch, launch and post launch films. Through a wide range of films: Innovation, test films, 3D animations, voice-over narrations, kick-off films, SOME to instructional films, the support program and so on, material was available for all purposes and deeply rooted in Coloplast’s clear mission.

Network concepts

DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. The corporation was founded in 1925 as a public service organisation. DR is an independent, licence financed public institution comprising television, radio and online services.

In 1995 Sebastian Schiørring made the core concept for DR2, the Broadcasters second flow-tv channel. It was based on a year-long analysis of the Danish and European TV market. At the same time he development a “white paper” for – and relaunch of, the other channel DR1.
With DR2 it should be possible to differentiate the broad and popular parent channel DR1 from the narrower DR2 . The new channel should be a radically different channel, with a different kind of flow. Therefore, the time between programs was spent on breaking news. At the same time, DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) was redesigned.
The goal was to rethink public service TV in a time of sharply increasing competition. And it succeeded, DR2 developed into Denmark’s strongest media brand.